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Who We Are - The NCFA is the state’s oldest forest conservation organization, established in 1911. Today it is a private, non-profit partnership of approximately 4,000 forest managers, landowners, mill operators, loggers, furniture manufacturers, educators, and others concerned about the long-term health and productivity of the state’s forest resources and the industries they support.

NCFA Staff Directory

John Hatcher, Executive Director 
(800) 231-7723 ext. 5  [email protected]

Ann Harper, Business Manager
(800) 231-7723 ext. 1  [email protected]

Amy Juliana, Education Programs Manager
(800) 231-7723 ext. 2 [email protected] 

Samantha Long, Member Services Coordinator
(800) 231-7723 ext. 4 [email protected]orestry.org

Amanda Murphy, Director of Communications
(800) 231-7723 ext. 3 [email protected]